Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inside Game Show Night @ DePaul

Freshmen Nick Hawley (left), Emily King (center), and Nick Pinto (right) were some of the many students who showed up in the Student Center last night hoping to be contestants on the show. None of them knew what they were in for but they were very excited about the possibility of winning $100.

Nick Hawley made it onto the panel of “5th graders” selected from the audience to help contestants when they needed it. The rest of the panel included audience members (from left to right) Charles, Travis, Nick, and Caitlyn. All of them received $10 for being on the panel at the end of the show.

Nick Pinto made it as the first contestant of the night. As shown here, he made it all the way up to the $50 question! Unfortunately, Pinto had run out of cheats and had to choose whether to take the $40 he had earned or risk answering the next question. If he answered wrong he would only go home with $20. Tough decision!

Nick (shown with friend Emily King) decided to take the $40 and call it a night. To be fair the MC showed the next question to see if Pinto knew the answer. As it turned out, Pinto did not know the answer and made the right call stopping when he did. As you can see, he is very happy with his prize.

Lucky contestant #4, Will (shown above with MC, Gus), was the big winner of the night. He made it all the way up to the $85 question by wisely using his cheats. As shown here, he has to decide between taking the $65 he has already won or risk it all to answer the $85 question. While he only needed to answer 2 more questions to get the $100 prize, Will decided to take the $65. Like Nick Pinto, he ended up not knowing the answer to the next question.

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