Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can Professors have tattoos or piercings?

Like any other professional career, most universities ask that professors have no visible piercings or tattoos, but it varies depending on the university. Here at DePaul, they go by this rule, but they seem to be pretty lenient considering i have seen quite a few teachers with earrings that were larger than just a stud and also have seen a few teachers with tattoos that are quite visible. One even had a whole sleeve tattoo, but i will not disclose the name. I do not feel that professors with tattoos or piercings should be looked at as less credible and like in any professional career these body modifications should be more accepted. The specific professor here who had the sleeve tattoo even happened to have the title of a doctor. This further proves my point that people with tattoos and piercings should not be judged for the way they look, since their physical appearance has nothing to do with their intellectual capabilities. So, until a good reason is given to why it is people in professional careers should not have visible piercings or tattoos (other than the overused, "It's not professional")i will stand by my argument that it should be allowed...


  1. I definitely agree that tattoos and ear piercings have nothing to do a person's intellect, definitely, not the professors or they wouldn't be where they are. However, even they will agree that when have to put on a formal wear ("professional attire"), those tattoos look out of place. So, I say, hire them for what they can offer intellectually to the students and let them know long sleeves would be a good idea to hide those arm-length tattoos. They might be distracting to students, especially those colorful ones.

  2. Thats a good point. most "professional" careers allow tattoos pierings as long as they are not visible.

  3. I don't think tattoos/piercings would or should be distracting in a class, speaking from the point of view of having various tattooed/pierced professors here at DePaul. We're there in class to learn what they have to teach us - to listen to what they have to say and how that can help shape us...not to look at their tattoos, so I don't see it as a factor.