Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Journey to your 1st Tattoo

My friend, and senior at DePaul, who chose to remain anonymous, sits at his apartment anxiously thinking about going through with getting his first tattoo. He has contemplated getting this tattoo for a few months now, has thought about all the pros and cons and now all it will take is the bravery of actually going through with it.

After finally working up the courage to leave and start on our quest to get his first tattoo, we ride the redline El towards Howard. We then got off at the Belmont stop, which is known to be a trendy area where one might find their local tattoo/piercing parlor.

After getting off at the Belmont stop we head down the street to the local tattoo and piercing parlor called The Chicago Tattooing & Body Piercing Co. This is a very professional and clean location that is well known around Chicago for tattoo and piercing needs. This is the picture of the shop and what I thought would be our final destination, but my friend’s nerves kicked in and this is all we saw of the tattoo parlor.

This picture is our view from the El platform as we wait for the El on the return home from a failed attempt at the first tattoo. The thoughts of what his parents will think and feel about his new tattoo overpowered the his urge to get himself permanently inked.

After an hour-long fiasco, we finally return home, with nothing to show for our excursion. Although, the trip was made worth the while when we came across Pita Pit, which gave us the opportunity to make up for the wasted El ride and failed tattooing attempt with a delicious pita. For now, the tattoo will have to wait for another time when he feels it is right.

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  1. I love how he totally chickened out last minute. Can you say, "BABY?!" I'm a fan of tattoos, but I'd never get one. I'm one of those people who changes my mind all the time so I'm sure a week after I got some ink I'd regret it and wish I had picked something else. LOVED the photos.