Tuesday, January 27, 2009


DAB hosted a big even tonight in the Student Center to announce the theme and location for Homecoming this year. The homecoming chair, Caitlin Menconi (pictured), has been planning this event since September. It's tradition for the theme and the location to be kept a secret until a month before. This year was no exception. Music was played to hype up the crowd and refreshments were offered to lure students into the festivities. Talking with Menconi, she smiled when asked if she could give any details about the event before the announcement. She told me I could wait like everyone else and she was good at keeping secrets.

So what is the theme and location this year? The theme is “All aboard the Demon Express,” and the location will be at Chicago Union Station. The best part is that tickets will only be $15 a person and free transportation will be provided to and from Union Station. So mark those calendars for February 28 and start planning what you will wear!

Personally, I am very excited about the event. I have been to the homecoming in the previous years and can say that DAB knows how to put on a wonderful evening for students. No word on when tickets will actually go on sale but you'll be able to purchase them on both campuses when they become available. I'll continue to bring you more information on when tickets go on sale, where to buy your tickets, and what you can expect. I definitely plan to "get on board" and hopefully you will too! Click on the link to see pictures and get more information on this year's location.

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