Friday, January 30, 2009

"Gaza Under Siege"

A diverse crowed of people gathered in room 120B of the DePaul University's Student Center on the night of January 29, 2009. These people, consisting mainly of young students, had come together to learn about and discuss the current situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip. The gathering, organized by The Cultural Center Students for Justice in Palestine and Society for International Affairs, featured lectures by Ahmed Rehab, The Executive Director of the Chicago Office on the Council of American-Islamic Relations, and Lynn Pollack, a Chicago based activist and an advocate of Jewish Voice for Peace. The lectures were followed by a free dinner and a round table dicussion between people at the event.

The event had a very friendly atmosphere. With the room divided into round tables, it had a very informal feeling, encouraging dicussion and communication between the participants.

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  1. The encouraged discussion and communication among participants would be interesting to hear about. What were students' reactions to learning about the war zone in which many people live in?