Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coffee: Classic or Fad?

Aside from physical fashion—clothing, shoes, etc.—there are obvious trends among DePaul students. Headphones, for instance, seem as much a necessity as food and water around campus. Well here’s another one that I’m sure you’ve noticed: coffee. It seems to have become so much of a staple among students that it’s practically a fashion must-have to have a cup in hand at all times.

The trend is not limited to Starbucks disposable cups: with the current uphill climb towards ‘green,’ many students are seen with thermos’ and other types of re-usable mugs. In fact, whether to save a little money or in a moment of pure fashion victimization, one of my roommates actually just bought a thermos that looks like a Starbucks cup.

Only an occasional coffee drinker myself, I need to know: have I just been oblivious or are more and more people drinking coffee lately? Is it really that good, or do people actually feel a little trendier with a mug or to-go cup in hand? I’m going to give DePaul the benefit of the doubt, it’s Winter (and the coldest week of Winter!). Being all bundled up takes away some opportunity to show off real fashion, so people are holding it in their mitten-ed hands. Will the trend let up by summer? We’ll have to wait and see..

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