Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Radio DePaul Interview Series II: Bayside

As mentioned in the previous post, one aspect of Radio DePaul is to provide its listeners with interviews of artists and bands that are currently on the music scene. Check out http://radiodepaul.blogspot.com to tune into five podcasts that feature a few of these interviews from the last couple years. Now it's time to give a little background on yet another one these bands: Bayside. 

Bayside is an alternative rock band hailing from Bayside, Queens, New York (hence the name) signed with Victory Records. They have released four full length albums in addition to a live and acoustic record. Bayside formed in the winter of 2000. They came up with their name when driving around, they passed the Bayside train station and thought it was a good idea. They self released a 5 song demo and signed to Dying Wish Records to issue their first release, Long Stories Short EP, in 2001. The band also released a split with Name Taken in 2003 on the same label before signing to the much larger Victory Records later that year.

On July 22nd, 2008, the band re-released their third full length album The Walking Wounded. The new "Gold" edition contains bonus live acoustic tracks as well as a bonus DVD. The DVD includes live acoustic recordings, music videos, and documentaries.

The band recently finished touring in support of Alkaline Trio. In addition, the band finished recording their fourth full length studio album titled 'Shudder'. The band will be heading out to Australia, February 2009 to do Soundware and a number of other shows around the country. It has also been announced that frontman Anthony Raneri will be on a solo tour, called Where Is The Band?, featuring acoustic sets from the frontmen of the bands Thrice, The Get Up Kids, and Saves the Day. That tour runs for ten days finishing on the 31st of January 2009.

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