Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Student Leadership Institute (SLI)

On Monday January 12th 2009 in room 314B of DePaul’s Student Center the Student Leadership Institute (SLI) held an interactive workshop on successfully requesting letters of recommendation. The speaker throughout the workshop was Vicki P. Klopsch, Assistant Director of Alumni Sharing Knowledge. There was an informative slide show that was covered by Vicki as well as interactive exercises that helped those in attendance get to know one another.

The main focus of the workshop was to learn some tips and tricks on how to successfully get a letter of recommendation. This should be of great knowledge to students who are looking for a job and need that extra edge or a student who is looking to attain an internship. After leaving the workshop I had felt more than educated on how to properly get a letter of recommendation. So for all those who who find this subject interesting you can email the Student Leadership Institute at sli@depaul.edu or call (773) 325-4658.

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