Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dirty Four Letter Word...WALK

Wheels are good. This is something I think most commuters could agree on. Wither we are going two blocks or two miles, the ideal mode of transportation always involves wheels. But alas, most of us cannot afford cars or cabs. Half of the time cars are a pain in the city anyway. Another option for getting around the city is biking, that is if you can keep a bike without having it stolen. You’d also have natural obstacles to battle as it is certainly not the season for Schwinns. I am always a huge fan of the CTA, but sometimes it just doesn’t get you where you need to go. Plus sometimes the waits can be awful. I also wouldn’t recommend relying on the CTA late at night, as there are fewer trains and buses running. Nothing good happens after 2 A.M. anyway, you should be home studying….
Whatever the reasoning may be, sometimes you are forced to get around courtesy of your own feet. Instead of getting angry, embrace the opportunity to create your own, “When I was your age, I had to walk 67 miles in the show barefoot” story. During winter it is important to understand that it is very very cold outside. If you need to walk, bundle the hell up. Also be aware that, especially as the days start to gradually warm up, many sidewalk and walkways that look clear, can still be harboring a wintery foe. Black ice is something to be greatly aware of while walking in the city at all times. My last piece of advice for walking in the city is going to sound really dumb, but make sure you have a “good” idea of where you’re going. Because Chicago is built on a grid system, it is fairly easy to obtain an understanding of what you’re around at all times. Because Chicago borders the lake you should always have an idea of which way is EAST at all times, and can use that as a reference point.
There are the fundamentals of walking. Hopefully you learned how to walk. You are now as smart as most toddlers. Congratulations.

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