Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Radio DePaul: Meet a D.J. (Part 2: Dan's Contest)

As mentioned in the previous post, Radio DePaul DJ Dan McMahon has a new show from 9 A.M. to noon on Mondays. During this weekly program (entitled "ELPEEZ") he will showcase three complete albums (LPs) for all three hours. On this week's show Dan played albums from TV on the Radio, Kings of Leon, and Kill Hannah. However, he also gave details for a new contest. Here is what it's all about from the words of Mr. McMahon himself:

"in case you missed the show this morning, i'd like to inform everyone about what i am calling the UNFREEZE dan's brain project. here's the deal. i have some probably frigid-weather-related writer's block and would like the fans of ELPEEZ to help me undo this unfortunate affliction and make some musical art. the great ben kweller, in an interview i recently read, said that he used a certain brainstorming method to write the title track to his record "on my way". it involves picking three random words and connecting the dots to create the song concept. so help me friends and listeners of radio depaul. take these simple steps.

1. write three words on the ELPEEZ group wall (facebook group "ELPEEZ with dan mcmahon") and include your email address. 

2. check your message inbox to see if i liked your choices. if so, i'll record a song based on your ideas and air it on that week's show.

3. once i've gotten enough songs together for a full length record, i'll air the entire masterpiece on a special addition of ELPEEZ. 

note: if i see a workable idea using more than one submission, i may even use as many as a billion otherwise disjointed words to create each song. and of course, i'll certainly shout out everyone who contributed on the show and talk about how genius said contributers are. the winners might be surprised with some free tickets to one of a number of rocking shows obtained by our fearless street team leader, chris taylor. tune in next week to hear more details."

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