Monday, January 19, 2009

Dipping into the Utility Belt....

So you’re setting off on another adventure in the city?

OH you’re starting by filling your pockets with all the necessities for any trip. Good Idea.

Let’s go over exactly what you should have every time you leave.

1. Phone- There is a great sense of vulnerability whenever I am phoneless. Having everyone you know or need keeps the mind clear. If and when you screw up, help is only 10 digits away. Phone a friend, call a cab, or if you have motioned into the 3G spectrum of society: Google Anything (Including this Blog).
2. Your Keys- I know it sounds stupid and childish to be giving this specific piece of advice, but without keys trips to the grocery store or class turn into significantly longer expeditions. A Keylessness voyage becomes far more bewildering than actually getting lost, mostly because of how frustrating it is to know exactly where you’re going but not being able to get there. I think I just channeled Moses, moving on too…
3. U-Pass- As a student, you have the privilege of being able to ride on every one of the hundred bus or ‘El routes in the city “free” of charge. I think many take the idea of getting around for “free” for granted. There is nothing wrong with Buses. They are not gross. They are not as sticky as you would imagine. They can be loud, but so are my sisters and I still love them. Get on a bus, sit back, close your eyes if you need too, enjoy getting to where you need to be. End rant.
4. Wallet- This probably also goes without saying, but you shouldn’t leave your house without your wallet. Even if you plan on taking public transportation or walking, in Chicago you never really know what the elements have planned for you on your return voyage: Rain, Snow, Sleet, Ice, Meatballs or anything else under the sun. No matter how painful it seems; sometimes in the city, it just makes sense to take a cab.
5. Thermometer- I think this may be the most important thing to keep handy when thinking about a commute. Getting around in the cold is sooooo different than when its 50, 60, 70, or 100 degrees. Freezing weather is always an obstacle and your trip should plan accordingly.

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  1. I agree with all of the above, except maybe thermometer. Although, I know where you are coming from.

    Last winter quarter I lost my UPASS, it only took a week and $40 to get my new, but it was a long seven days.