Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Here's the deal: There are a lot of great student run bands out there and I feel it is my obligation to let people know about them. So, as often as possible I am going to introduce you to a new one.

To start it off we have Rosaline.

A melodic and aggressive six piece, one-third of Rosaline is comprised of DePaul Students; guitar player Madison Stolzer and keyboardist Nate Steinheimer. I recently had a chat with Madison about everything Rosaline.

Signed to Standby Records in Winter 2006 prior to a break up in May of 2007, Rosaline has recently (September of 2008) reunited with a new lineup. Stolzer insists though, that having a new line up is not what is important.

"Contrary to most people, I think the collective group as a whole is what a band is, not really it's individuals. Half of Rosaline now is the same as it was when it was signed to Standby and half are not."

And with this new half, Rosaline has plans to follow up their only release, an eight track, thirty minute CD, with "A Constant North," filled with new music that has been (four songs so far) and will be (in February) recorded.

Can't wait for your Rosaline fix? Don't fret. They currently have a show lined up at The Beat Kitchen on January 24 (of which I will be in attendance). But, don't expect to see them playing show after show in the Chicago area.

"Believe it or not I talked to Billy Corgan once for a little while, and I mean, he basically made the most successful rock band to ever come out of this city. He said never play in the same city more than once a month, there is just no point. Do other things in the time between shows to strengthen your whole project, and make your shows quality," Stolzer said.

Besides school, which both Stolzer and Steinheimer are busy with, the other four members work full-time. However, they all manage to get together and practice two to three times a week because music is what they love to do and according to Stolzer, "Everyone has to make sacrifices."

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