Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photo Essay

Katrina Kopeck, a sophomore at DePaul, washes her 'colors load' at the Coin Laundromat Thursday. The laundromat is on Lincoln Avenue, not far from Kopeck's apartment, but far enough to warrant the use of a wheeled cart (foreground). The cart fell over only once during this trek, which Kopeck said is good.Even with clean laundry, Kopeck finds it difficult to decide on an outfit to wear Friday evening. Kopeck was preparing for a date: dinner and a movie. When the decision was finally made, her bedroom floor was covered with rejected options.  Choosing her outfit put her behind schedule on getting ready, and she still had to prepare conversation topics for dinner!
Kopeck employed the help of friend and roommate Mary Nolan, also a sophomore, to style her hair. Here, Kopeck explains to Nolan what she would like done to her hair: straight, but with a little more volume. The girls' makeshift 'salon' is the bathroom of their apartment, located on Lincoln Avenue.The sink in Kopeck's bathroom is littered with the supplies she and roommate Nolan are using to get her date-ready. Make-up, various brushes and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Kopeck said the ice cream was essential to calming her nerves, the make-up and brushes only secondary.
Outfit chosen and hair styled, Kopeck adds a scarf from Anthropologie, her favorite place to shop, and  leaves her apartment for her date Friday night. She was meeting her date at the AMC Theater on East Illinois Avenue downtown. The two saw "Grand Torino," Clint Eastwood's latest movie. 


  1. I liked the photos, pretty clever idea. I think they effectively show the progression of all the preparation that goes into a date, I never knew!!!

  2. I loved your photos they reminded me of what my roommates and I do almost every weekend night! You did a great job capturing each step of the way, because I think that they laundry step is very important am I glad you included it. Some times guys have no idea what a girl goes through to come out looking well put together. It starts with the laundry, then picking out your favorite outfit from the laundry, the whole shower, hair, and make-up, and then the last touches. I think its great that you were able to capture what most girls go through to get ready for a date or even just a night out! Good job!