Monday, January 26, 2009

DePaul Students for Entrepreneurs

This is a photo of Casey Clark. Casey is a General Manager for a business called College Pro. The DePaul Students for Entrepreneurs hosted a presentation for Casey to tell students interested in being Entrepreneurs how College Pro could help them in developing necessary skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Becca Berkenstadt is the president of DePaul Students for Entrepreneurs. She organized the event and was in attendance while Casey gave his presentation.

Upon arrival I was welcomed immediately and I told both Casey and Becca why I was attending their event and they were more than happy to let me listen, snap a few photos, and participate in the presentation. The presentation Casey gave was extremely interactive. Rather than just listen to someone talk Casey involved all those in attendance and actually asked everyone what their name, year, major, and interest in entrepreneurship was before the presentation started. College Pro is a painting company that offers vital experience in marketing, business management, and in basic entrepreneurial skills. The DePaul Students for Entrepreneurs group can be contacted through email at and College Pro has an internet site at

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