Sunday, January 25, 2009

DIY Photography Night

The walls of The Beat Kitchen were packed Saturday, January 25 to see a line up of bands which included DePaul-run Rosaline. This show was held as an EP release show for the band Victorian Halls, who were the headliners.

Madison Stolzer, a DePaul junior (right), hits the stage with two other members of Rosaline: lead vocalist Nick Jones (center) and Ryan Pulice (left). Their next show will be February 15 in Downers Grove.
Chris Maxson's guitar shreds during one of Rosaline's loud and melodic songs. Although there were some technical difficulties with mics that caused for "Stage surgery," as Stolzer called it, there were no issues with any other equiptment.
Stolzer, live and in color, takes a quick break in between songs. In the background is keyboardist and fellow DePaul student Nate Steinheimer.
Stolzer sings a few chords later telling the crowd that this is his first show singing. A pretty sucessful show if I do say so myself.

(All photos taken and edited by Shelby Blitz)

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