Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama, YES WE ARE.

President Obama, Yes We ARE

Cleansing America's millenial hookah pipe means wiping out some leftover Palin residue.    Her most vitriolic campaign attack dates back to September 3, 2008, at the Republican National Convention when she spoke those choking words:  Community Organizer.   Her failed-emasculation of President Obama backfired during his inaugural speech yesterday.  His promises depend on everyones participation - even Sarah Palin's.    I think he asked everybody to become a community organizer.   Touche!

DePaul students theoretically answer a similar call by joining the St. Vincent DePaul mission.    The call to service fulfills in a save-our-world shopping list itemized by the Community Service Minor options. 

Whether you want to marry a few Spanish courses with a volunteer internship, follow the faith-based march or scrutinize public legislation, there are 16 departmental doors to change. A minor in Community studies requires internship placement, balancing theory with application.   This means you get to be the change you want to see in the world.    Sound familiar?  

There's another seamless overlap for those with the travel bug.    Studying abroad means more than cardless-bar admission in the drinking-lax countries (slash rest) of the world.   Submitting study abroad activism for community service credit takes the quest for a diploma to diplomacy.  

That's no minor feat.   And yet it is. 

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