Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DePaul Celebrates Inauguration with Poetry Reading

The day that a lot of Americans have been waiting for has finally come. We now officially have put our nations first black president into office. Phew! Wipe the sweat from your brows, it really did just happen.

To celebrate this historical occasion, DePaul University hosted the event "A Writers' Congress: Chicago Poets on Barack Obama's Inauguration" The event, organized by Chris Green, a Visiting Fellow at the university's Humanties Center, featured twenty of Chicago's poets who wrote poems inspired by Barack Obama's historic run for the presidency.

Each poet took the podium during the event to read his or her poem about how they have interpreted this historic moment. How it has affected them, what it means, and what they expect to come. For some, the joy of the inauguration of Barack Obama came from the simple fact that we no longer have to deal with George W. Bush...hallelujah!

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