Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama asks for social responsibility

Today marks the first day of change--Barack Obama is officially the President of the United States. His speeches make at least one thing abundantly clear: that change must come from everybody, not just him. If anything, Barack Obama leads by example. He spent the day before Thanksgiving serving food to Chicago's less fortunate, and yesterday, on the eve of his inauguration, he participated in a national day of community service. According to an ABC news article, he said at a local high school, "Government can only do so much. ... we're going to have to take responsibility--all of us." That means helping out our communities in whichever way we can. Lucky for all of us, we're students at DePaul University, and that means community service options are endless.

Students who wish to volunteer can start at the Steans Center. Here, you can find countless internships and work-study jobs that provide a variety of services to Chicago communities. A complete list of internship and job opportunities is available on the Steans Center website.

DePaul's University Ministry is another great place where students can find community service projects that are student-led. You can get involved in service immersion trips, volunteer with residents of the Vincent and Louise House, or volunteer once in a while with one of the DePaul Community Service Association's 19 service sites.

Talk to friends on campus or in classes and find out what they're doing to give back to the community. The best way to build a community at DePaul is to give back to it in whatever ways we can. Let's take Barack Obama's call for social responsibility and run with it. What better time to start giving back than with Obama as our leader?

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