Sunday, January 25, 2009

Students Express Opinions on Israel & Gaza Conflict through Spoken Word & Hip-Hop

The Courtylou Commons on DePaul University's Lincoln Park campus was brought to life on Thursday when SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) hosted Cafe Resistance, an event to raise awareness and show solidarity for Palestinian people "in resisting oppression." As people casually entered the main room in Courtylou Commons, they were greeted by the on-looking portraits of past and present Fathers hanging on the walls. Below their smiling faces, note cards with the names of Palestinian people, mainly women and children, who died in the most recent Israel-Palestine conflict , lined the walls. The names and ages of these Palestinians was a stark reminder of how serious the conflict in the Middle East is getting. The event kicked off with some spoken word and hip-hop rap pieces by several students. There was also a strong teenage presence from local high schools. The theme of the event centered around tolerance and education through dialogue and despite the solemn mood that the note cards created, the pieces by the majority of the performers were funny and uplifting. The event also extended to other issues affecting our world, as several students performed pieces on immigration issues in America. Overall, the event was very inspiring, especially because it was encouraging to see and know that young people were getting involved in a very serious and relevant issue and voicing their opinions. In light of this event, as well as our most recent class on photojournalism, i thought this photojournalism piece by the New York Times was very relevant, check it out! 

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