Monday, January 26, 2009


Spotted: Clifton-Fullerton Hall, 6th Floor Lounge

Last year Clifton-Fullerton Hall was notorious for vandalism and the damaging of school property.  From setting fires to the "poopitrator," the residence hall was always included in the blotter section of the DePaulia, which is why I decided to take a look around the building.  I went on a Friday morning, assuming that the hall experienced a rowdy thursday night.  I was wrong, I found nothing.  Just a superficial message written on a dishwasher in dry-era$e marker.


  1. haha this is great! you find the neatest things.

  2. if your interested in learning about the roots of graffiti check out "Style Wars" its an old documentary about graffiti in new york when they mainly painted on trains.