Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Office and 30 Rock

Today, January 15th, there will be an event in the DePaul Student Center starting at 8:00 p.m. At this event DePaul students have organized a viewing of the TV shows, The Office and 30 Rock on NBC. Personally The Office is one of my favorite shows so this event is right up my alley and anything with Tracey Morgan or Steve Carell is sure to make anyone laugh. There will be free food and a raffle plus it is in the Student Center so if you don’t like the free food they offer you can always grab something from the cafeteria.

This event gives students especially freshman and transfer students the chance to get to know some fellow students by helping them network with others within the university. Free food, free entertainment, and a raffle should be enough to get the student bodies attention. So, if you have become depressed due to the fact that it gets dark at 4 in the afternoon and it is colder than Alaska, walk over to the warm and comfortable DePaul Student Center and get to know some other DePaul students while you have a good time laughing.

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