Friday, January 23, 2009

disposable design.

Spotted: Dumpster on Clifton Avenue, outside of Munroe Hall

As the weeks progress and the more I post, the search for art has become more and more challenging.  The campus is kept fairly clean considering it is inhabited by students and is in the center of a major city.  The majority of my recently discovered works have been located with the help of tips, however many of them were scrubbed or painted over before I could snap a photo, proving that underground art, or graffiti is nothing more or less than disposable art.  


  1. I love this! I think your description and explanation is really interesting, and brings up the question of 'what really constitutes art?'

  2. I know there isn't much underground art around campus but there are a few on fullerton and lincoln ave. One on the building that they are renovating which is right next to the CVS. Its a pretty cool tag. Also in response to underground art being disposable, there are so many amazing artist who tag, but may not be able to find here in Chicago. I know that the art work is illegal and is usually erased as soon as it is found, but it still has an artistic quality. Take a look at this website,

    Banksy is an artist who tags the British streets. He does amazing! work. You should def. take a look.