Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY Weekend

Okay- so it's only Monday. However, if you are anything like me, you spend your time in class, on the train, walking the streets and so on day dreaming about the adventures (or lack there of) that you will embark on once Friday hits.

If your plans this weekend include...well, nothing...get out your calender and a pen (or pencil, whichever you prefer) and write this down!

When: Friday- January 16, 2008- 7 PM
Where: The Cunt Collective (2338 North Milwaukee, right near the California Blue Line stop)
What: Cloud Mouth (A majority DePaul student run band) preforms along side Castevet, Sleep Patterns and Merchant Ships
Why?: Well, I think you will catch on, but just in case... my job here is to inform you of the awesome independent music happening at DePaul and your job is to check them out.

So kids, don't worry your heads. I will be back to let you in on the independent music scene as best as I can. But for now, allow Cloud Mouth to hold you over until my next post!
(p.s.- click on that little blue guy to go to Cloud Mouth's myspace page.)


  1. I love the writer's voice you use. I'm especially interested in the DePaul music scene, and looking forward to future posts.

    haha cunt collective.

  2. This is a neat idea and a cool way for student music projects to get some exposure (that is, I suppose, once people find out about this blog). I really like that you link to one of the bands' MySpace. That's a cool way for people to get a taste of what there in for--especially at a venue with a name like Cunt Collective!