Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inside Radio DePaul

Radio DePaul's studio is located in the basement of Lincoln Park campus's University Hall. The station offers tours upon request to the General Manager. Feel free to make an appointment and check it out for yourself. 
The station's newsroom (separate from the music studio) offers listeners with insightful conversation and topical news reporting. 
In the on-air music studio, the sign above the soundboard entitled "Things to Say," provides DJs with multiple choices they can use to say Radio DePaul on air: "Radio DePaul," "WRDP Chicago," or "A World-Wide Demon-heard at Radio.DePaul.edu." 
Listeners are able to tune-in to Radio DePaul through a live stream on Apple's iTunes or from their website (radio.depaul.edu). In addition, DJs are able to receive requests during a live broadcast though AIM instant messages. 
The "on-air" studio is equipped with sufficient technology to allow students to play their music during a live stream. Music can either be borrowed from the station's database or brought in by the DJ. 

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