Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Football Team?

Coming to DePaul freshman year I was most excited to attend College sporting events. When I started asking around about our football team, since I had never heard much about it, I was instantly shot down with the response, “DePaul doesn’t have a football team!” I thought to myself how can DePaul University a well known college in Chicago, surrounded by suburbs of all-state football teams and players, not have a football team?

I think that the students at DePaul University are being deprived from something that other colleges get to enjoy and embrace. I am always tempted to look at my friends Facebook albums that go to Universities that have a college football team. I feel a little jealous that we have to miss out on tailgating, pep rallies, rival games, team spirit, and all the rest that comes along with having a football team. Where is the school spirit? Maybe we would have some more if DePaul considered developing a football team.  


  1. We do have a hockey should check out one of the games.

  2. I have actually been to a few of the hockey games! I think I went back in freshman year, and I remember that the arena they played in was kind of far away??! Is it still not around campus?