Monday, February 2, 2009

The Pocket-Sized Emergency Response Guide

That's it - actual size, just a few inches each way. It's the new DePaul emergency response guide - chock full of helpful information for emergencies.
Here is just a sampling of the information that you will find inside this handy little guide:
Important phone numbers, like those for DePaul's public safety offices, DePaul Health Services, the Office of Students with Disabilities, University Counseling Services, Environmental Health, Facility Operations, Student Affairs and Housing Services
Plans for what to do in case of an emergency, like for extreme threats of violence (i.e. person with a weapon), including plans for what to do if you exit or do not exit the building.
Plans for severe weather emergencies
Plans for bomb threats
Plans for medical emergencies
Plans for chemical spills (probably especially useful if you are spending a lot of time in the new McGowan Science Center)
The guide also offers information on DePaul's notification systems, like DPU Alert and the Message Board and Speaker System, information on fire safety, and some helpful acronyms - one of which I'll share with you:
Call 911
Alert neighbors and public safety
Listen for instructions from first responders
Move to a safe area
So there you have it - a lot of info packed into a tiny guide. Pick yours up at any building on campus - the student center, a res hall, or the public safety office. You can also call Public Safety at 773.325.7777. or 312.362.8400 and ask where to get your copy.

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