Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Radio DePaul Interview Series: Bottle of Justus

So here's the second installment to the Radio DePaul interview series. Remember you can check out these interviews via streaming podcast at the station's interview blog:  http://radiodepaul.blogspot.com. Now the last couple bands I covered were Bayside and Anthrax. In the next two posts for this week I'll give a quick background on two more bands you can tune into- Bottle of Justus & Her Daily Obsession. First, lets take a look at Bottle of Justus. 

Bottle of Justus dates back to the late 90s where the band originated on the campus of Illinois State University. Twin brothers Chris and Joe Quinlan formed the band along with Jeff Johnson and Erik Bogdonas. Bottle of Justus quickly progressed from playing fraternity parties to touring around the nation (including selling out the House of Blues in Chicago). Their first CD, America Cries (2001) gathered a lot of buzz on the national scene, while the second release On Air (2003) was produced by Jason Elgin (Creed, Collective Soul) and is full of pop radio singles. Lemon Live (2004) demonstrates the energy the band puts into their live shows. Suddenly O.K. (2005) is a mature and incredibly hook-smart release. 2008 brings a new lineup and a new sound while maintaining the classic BOJ feel. 

Stay tuned for Her Daily Obsession. 

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