Sunday, February 8, 2009

Student Activist Union

On February 6th in the Student Center Atrium there was a dance sponsored by the Activist Student Union.  The dance was accompanied by a live DJ, food, and refreshments.  The event started at 6:00 and went until 8:00.  When I arrived at the event they were still setting up because they were running a little behind schedule.  The dance actually started at 6:30 when the DJ had set up his equipment.  When the event officially began students periodically stopped by to listen to music and get a few dances in.  I noticed that there was not that many people at the dance besides those who had organized the event and this was most likely due to the fact that it was a surprisingly nice night and student shad decided to spend their Friday night else where.


The dance ended out being enjoyable because it was right in the middle of the student center and people where constantly stopping by and talking with one another.  Hopefully there will be an event similar to this dance for the students sake especially freshman who need help meeting new people.  If you are interested in joining or simply participating in the DePaul’s Student Activist Union they can be reached through email at  

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