Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where on Campus is the Men’s Basketball Arena?


Good Question. That doesn’t have an answer, besides that it’s not located on campus. Then where is it, and why isn’t it located on campus? The DePaul’s Men’s Basketball Arena is located in Rosemont, IL.  at the Allstate Arena. This is about an hour drive or less from DePaul University to Rosemont. Who wants to commute an hour to see a team that most likely might lose from the looks of their 0-10 conference record and their overall 8-15 record? College students have more to worry about then taking a bus from campus an hour out of their way, staying for the whole game so that they have a bus ride back, and then the time it takes to get back to campus. That is like a 5-hour adventure or more. College students are always looking for convenience and getting to a Men’s Basketball game is not convenient. This also creates a lack of school spirit and pride by not being able to jump out your dorm and be minutes away from your Arena. This might be a reason our Men’s Basketball team struggles to win games; no one is there to support them.

While doing some research for this post I had come across a few web sites that I would like to share with you guys. The first being, We Are This website is a blog like forum set-up just like our blog web site. Members can post thoughts and then others comment on them. The link I provided you with is one that takes you to a post about DePaul’s Basketball culture. The blog actually makes many good points as to why students don’t want to make it out to Allstate. Check it out. Finally, I will leave you with an article from NBC, this article also talks about the lack of student interest in DePaul Basketball. The article does a great job putting the blame where it is needed, check it out as well. Like people always say, “Location is everything.”  

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