Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where should I go?

There are many tattoo/piercing parlors in Chicago, so one may wonder how to choose the right one? First and foremost, one must make do research on the specific parlors in your location. In doing so one should check out how the parlors are rated and try to cancel out the worst parlors. In doing this one should ask around and see what type of work the artists at these parlors do and try to find the best one. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a tattoo/piercing parlor is that the parlor is clean a professional. Pay close attention to the artists and whether they wash their hands, wear gloves and keep their station as clean as possible.

Here in Chicago there are many tattoo/piercing parlors to choose from, but from my personal experience there are two that top the rest. I have been to The Alley on Clark and Belmont and Chicago Tattoo Company, which in my eyes is the best. I have been to both of these places and they are very clean and professional and they will go above and beyond for their clients. At Chicago Tattoo Company, the artists are always willing to assist you even after you have come and gone from getting you tattoo or piercing. They are willing to answer any question you may have or help with any complications you may have before or after you get work done.

Overall, one must choose wisely when picking a place to get their tattoo or piercing because if you choose the wrong one, you may have medical complications as a result. If you are seeking a tattoo/piercing parlor in Chicago, I would recommend T Chicago Tattoo Company.

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  1. I like the Chicago Tattoo Company as well, I've been in there and people who work there are very friendly. It's right across the street from me too, so that picture caught my eye pretty quickly.