Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carbon Copy

                 Lindsey Drakert is a Journalism student minoring in Irish Studies.   I discovered her this quarter in two of my journalism courses.   It was a bit of an odd one, since I've never met anyone before with the same strange combination of studies.   I, too, want to write about the Celts journalistically.    Lindsay's mother doesn't see the same opportunity.  

"My mom told me she's not paying for those Irish studies courses," Lindsay said during a Wednesday morning chit-chat.  "She thinks they're worthless."  

I wondered what Lindsay thinks, since she's got the independence of  both a Celt and a journalist to break with tradition... and she's defending our minority community!

"It fits nicely into my curriculum.  It's personal interest... a specialized field."  

The Irish Studies program blends courses in history, literature, societal upheaval, and the science of the Irish earth in one of those Celtic geo-.... somethings.   Something I didn't study
in a classroom, something I pursued via Study Abroad.  I studied geo-Ireland with my senses.

Lindsay might be onto something though.   She also minors in biology. 

"I could go to Ireland and write about biology,..." Lindsay tells me as we part after class.  

She could.   The forty shades of green Johnny Cash sang about just got a number 41: 
super-cool-environmental-conservationist-climate-change-fighting green.

I'd read about it, would you?  

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