Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Degree or Drop Out?

It's no secret (or maybe it is) that Pete Wentz did, in fact, attend DePaul University as a Political Science major but dropped out a quarter shy of graduating in order to focus on music. Now, if you don't know who Pete Wentz is...he's the vivacious bassist of the band Fall Out Boy and baby daddy slash husband of Ashlee Simpson (-Wentz).

Now that we've got that out of the way, Pete leads me to an interesting question: should you drop out of school to persue music?

You know, on most occasions, I would say yes- follow your dream! However, I think it takes a very specific situation to drop out of college. Pete Wentz, as well as other former DePaul students turned rockstar (ie: Bright Eyes dummer Jeremy Barnes and Ok Go's Tim Norrwind), are far and few between. They started college (some may have graduated) while in their respective bands and then once they became serious enough (whatever that may actually mean) they decided to do music for a living.

Education is important, people, no matter how much you may hate doing homework and going to class, and Pete Wentz (and the like) realized this. I have had friends drop out of college after a year because their band was signed but still continue to learn as much as possible while on the road. It is all about balance.

So, should you drop of out school to persue your band that may or maynot break up in a few months? I would advise no. If, by chance (the music industry is no sure thing), your band gets signed should you drop out? Sure, be my guest. But I would also advise you to keep on learning just in case things go stale.

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