Tuesday, February 3, 2009


A few weeks ago, I went to a ‘high school’ themed party. One of the party planners said they chose this theme because they had little time to plan and this theme “was easy for people.” This makes sense: I see a lot more high school gear being sported around campus than I do DePaul gear. Is it a trend, or just easier/cheaper? I’m willing to guess the latter (this excludes the sort-of-trendy fad of wearing “vintage” t-shirts from the Goodwill or Salvation Army that advertise high schools the wearer didn’t even attend). But the question is… is it acceptable? Of course we all do it, but by wearing our high school apparel, we’re holding onto memories that we say  we’d rather die than return too. Remember going to Applebees after basketball games on Friday nights? Remember sneaking out and drinking in friends’ basements? Remember prom?? These may be parts of our past that we don’t talk about, but our shirts and sweatshirts are screaming it.

  Although no picture is necessary this week—you can all go in your closets and multiple high school shirts, I’m sure—I decided to include the front side of a particularly ridiculous t-shirt my class had made for junior year basketball season:

Front: putting the nasty…

Back: back in dynasty.

(Note: we barely won a game, let alone created a dynasty. How terrifying.)

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  1. Oh high school. I have tons of those tshirts and hoodies laying around my apartment but usually they are just to be worn to the gym or to sleep in. I will not be sporting my high school pride on the streets ever- no matter how much I enjoyed my time.