Friday, February 6, 2009

Laundromats:Friend or Foe

I’m a big advocate of doing work on the go, so here I am, laptop open, at the Laundromat. It’s just me and a few other people—some my age, but others quite a bit older—and, of course, the nice-as-can be older lady who owns the building (who, by the way, just yelled at me for using a bad machine, but means only well).

            Chances are I’m not the only college student washing my clothes at a Laundromat or residence hall laundry room. I wonder if it changes the way we dress? The other students I saw today seem

ed to be washing a wardrobe similar to what I was: lots of t-shirts and sweatpants, a few pairs of jeans and maybe some sweaters hang-drying. But it sure wasn’t a wardrobe of fancy furs and expensive clothing—expensive things usually call for dry-cleaning. So here’s a thought: it may not be simply the high price of clothes that often leaves college students in only jeans and t-shirts, but also the high price of washing them: I spend roughly seven to 10 dollars every time I come here; I can’t image dry-cleaning half that often.

             However, this may not apply to boys. I recently asked a guy friend of mine how often he did laundry, and, pointing to his pants, he said, “I probably wear these 20-25 times before washing them.”


Note: As I visit the Laundromat at least once per week, and it affects a good part of the ‘fashion’ aspect of my life (sometimes shrinking my sweaters, sometimes ripping holes in my leggings) I’m sure you will be hearing about this particular one again. (See my photo essay, also featuring good ‘ol Coin Laundry.) 

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  1. The point about guys wearing clothes multiple times before washing them is definitely true. When I lived in my old apartment, I used to hate going to the laundromat when a two or three guys would come in use ALL the washers. But now that my apartment has washers and dryers, it's definitely convenient, but I oddly miss the laundromat and the characters that were regular customers.