Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday night I stopped by Brownstones in the Student Center for another Open Mic Night. I spent a little time actually talking to some of the performers this time. One of the acts of the night was two lively and easygoing brothers. As I talked with them, I found out Alex (Left) and James (Right) Cruz have been playing together for 6-7 years! Being an active part of a sibling rivalry in my own family, I was really taken with their camaraderie. You could tell they were having a lot of fun on stage too. They played three cover songs with an acoustic guitar and bass. They covered Angel’s and Airwaves’ “It Hurts,” and “Sirens” along with Blink 182’s “Man Overboard.” They told me they had just decided to come to Open Mic while playing together at home the night before. Hopefully that shows you how easy it is to sign-up for Open Mic Night!

Each act gets about 10-15 minutes max (more like 10, I was told though) and it's open to anyone. DAB does a great job of making it feel like you are in a dimly lit coffee house. It’s a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere! If you are interested in doing the next one, then mark your calendar for February 17 at 8:30pm. It’s also a great place to go and chill out in between homework and studying.

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