Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video Journalism car chase...

This isn't related to my beat, but while I was posting, I found a link to a breaking news, live Chopper feed of a car chase in LA. It was a Bentley with Illinois plates. It went for three hours and finally came to where the car was at a stand still for about an hour. I was watching the normal feed on the website and once it ended and they didnt want to show anymore i searched the site and found a second feed that didn't have a news anchor and it was just the camera women talking as if she didn't know she was on the air. It was a bit more graphic then what the reported feed was. They zoomed in a bit further to see more. After an hour stand still, the police finally swarmed the car and according to what the lady was saying to her crew, the man shot himself, which was information that they didn't give on the other stations feed. Anyways, I just wanted to post it because i thought it was crazy that as i was writing about video journalism I came across this. It was also really interesting to here the women talk to the people back on the ground about the filming and what was going on when she was actually off the air...Im sure it will all be on the news in the morning, but the live behind the scenes feed was quite interesting.