Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Depaul students think about piercings...

This week, I decided to see how students at DePaul felt about piercings. So I went out this past weekend and asked student whether they like them and if they have them. In total I ask 75 people and the results were as follows:

Yes (46)
No (29)

Now I also asked them if they had any, or wanted to get any.

Yes, have them. (27)
Plan to get one. (12)
NO. (36)

So from taking this survey i came to the conclusion that there are many people that like them,but on other people and would never get them on themselves. Only around half of the people that said they like them actually have them and some say they "plan" to get one. It was interesting to see the different types of people who thought they look good on other people and said they are attracted to piercings. Some of the people did not look like a person who would like piercings, which further proves earlier points that people with piercings or who like piercings do not live up to the social stereotypes that people put upon them.

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