Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's week 5 of my minor-microcosm and I have been meeting more students double minoring than I expected. It seems like a great route for committed studiers to maximize their education. Rather than double majoring (which requires just as many classes as double minoring), students can explore an array of interests. The selections seem to become almost exponential.

My claims that DePaul students are following a Vincentian route in their own private academias is not unsubstantiated. Inez De La Fuente plans to go into Publishing. She is an English major who has a minors in Professional Writing and Community Service Studies. Inez is a senior planning to investigate the Graduate program in Publishing as a possible option. Though it might have been helpful to pursue a marketing minor ( I've met some of those Publishers reps, they can be relentless! ), Inez followed courses that flexed her heart muscles in the Community Service Program and strengthened her writing grip in the Pro Writing minor.

"I haven't taken a class that hasn't been helpful. I'll let you know if I do," says Inez over Facebook correspondence.

There's a je-ne-sais-quoi about this carefully crafted option. For DePaul students to make multiple departmental relationships suggests that the studies must be very engaging. For every student to have had a definite career-path in mind shows a clarity that should help them function in the workplace.

Let's hope our economy will preserve their chosen fields.

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